Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Should the Knicks actively pursue Rondo?

Just a week or two away from the rumored Porzingis trade—which drew an uproar among Knicks fans—there’s been a lot of talk from NBA analysts that the team is keen on getting Rajon Rondo.

Image source:sportsillustrated.com

At least the Kristaps drama has stopped.Perhaps Phil Jackson realized the huge backlash letting the Latvian superstar go would deal the team and his personal legacy.Now, we can focus on this new Rondo talk and what getting the point guard can bring the Knicks.

A lot of people see the wisdom in this, as Carmelo Anthony and Porzingis already make the Knicks good inside and in the wings. Acquiring a pass-first guard does complement New York’s big men. Plus, with the acquisition of shooting guard Tim Hardaway, Jr. and having their draft guard pick Frank Ntilikina, the Knicks could use a veteran mentor in the position.

Image source:nypost.com

The Bulls have recently acquired Zach Levine and guard Kris Dunn from Minnesota in exchange for Jimmy Butler. This might be a big hint that Chicago is letting go of Rondo.However, it doesn’t help Rondo’s case that despite his excellent passing skills, his shooting is mediocre at best. And in an increasingly Curry-led, shooting point guard driven NBA, Rondo might not be what New York needs moving forward.

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