Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Three More Must Experience Vr Games

I’ve written about groundbreaking and iconic VR games in the past. But with the thriving platform, more and more games are being developed. Here are another three games that gamers everywhere should experience.

Elite: Dangerous

This was the first ever game released commercially that used native virtual reality support. It is the also the perfect game to showcase the true power of VR tech. Everything about the game screams tech power, from the incredibly detailed cockpits of ships to the intensely chaotic dogfights. The backdrop is amazing as space rocks are everywhere you look. On a 2-D screen, the game feels immersive enough, but on a VR platform, very few games can confirm.

Image source: hexus.net

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Not only does this game have one of the best video game titles of all-time, but it is also one of the more innovative and original games out there. The game is quite simple. You are in a room trying to solve a puzzle with the given instructions to disarm a bomb. The tension is palpable, and there is a strange sense of fun knowing that one misstep means doom.

Image source: polygon.com

Superhot VR

Superhot is an action game where time stands still until you move. This means you can plan complex attacks and take out multiple enemies in the amount of time you decide to do so. It’s a first-person shooter. It’s loads of fun even if you’re not allowed to run, because agents come up in waves, and it’s up to you to plan and exterminate them all.

Bennett J. Kireker moved to Pismo Beach, CA, from New York to pursue his passion in agribusiness. He is a huge New York Jets fan and a lover of VR tech. Learn more about his passions when you follow him on Twitter.